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Costumers orientationSince September 2012 Mr Thilo Barth is member of out team and answers for Sales and Distribution. ...
Recertification audit forTS16949 standardIn week 19 we passed the recertification audit forTS16949 standard with slight ...
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Data protection: The protection of the personal data provided by you is of accented significance for JAKO Fémárugyár Kft. JAKO Fémárugyár Kft ensures all data received via internet the same protection as data being sent in other ways.

JAKO Fémárugyár Kft manages the personal data received via internet according to the relevant legislation about personal data protection (Hungarian Law: 2011. évi CXII Tv .)

If you have sent personal data by choice to JAKO Fémárugyár Kft you agreed that JAKO Fémárugyár Kft may register and administrate your personal data for a certain time in dependence from the nature and purpose of the matter.

Every curriculum vitae JAKO Fémárugyár Kft received is only used for job purpose and will never be available for a third party.

Personal data may be circulated only in case of legal compulsion of public authorities and institutions.

Our staff is obliged to confidentiality.
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