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Qualität prüfen

The relentless pursuit of perfection and efficiency in all fields kind of our activities is the basis for the high level of the consumer satisfaction.

Using structural quality methods with standard tools we already can make sure during the development phase that all kind of characteristics are to be considered and the product will answer the client demands.

Main tasks during the development phase
⇒ Process run planning ⇒ FMEA ⇒ control plan ⇒ quality control plan


  • Gear testing device: WENZEL WGT 350
  • Device for testing via double-flank roller: FRENCO
  • Contour plot with integrated surface measuring: HOMMEL T1000
  • Universal coordinates measuring device: LEITZ Reference 10.7.6
  • Non-contact optical measuring device: HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C305
  • Combined profile and roughness tester: HOMMEL-ETAMIC roundscan F535
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