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General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

  • 1.Preface
    • 1.1.These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery shall be applicable to all our sales and deliveries unless otherwise written agreements are made and confirmed. Certain conditions demanded by the customer which are not in opposition to our general conditions of sale and delivery can only be accepted if we confirm them in writing.
  • 2.Verbal orders and technical questions by phone
    • 2.1.Any verbal orders and technical questions by phone shall be attended as understood. We refuse to assume responsibility for mistakes arising because of the possibility of misunderstanding by phone. The costs resulting from incorrect fulfilment (delivery costs, packing) in all cases are to be paid by the customer.
  • 3.Offer and technical specification
    • 3.1.Our offers are be understood as without obligation, our prices, dimensions, techniques and weights are only guidelines subject to modifications and amendments at any time. Contract shall be created after the acceptance of verbal or written order.
    • 3.2.We may modify our standard products by reasons of manufacturing or standard specification concerning dimensions and construction.
  • 4.Prices, deductions /additional fees, payment conditions, reservation of title
    • 4.1.The Customer is obliged to the currency once determined. He is naot allowed to change currency at single orders afterwards.
    • 4.2.Our prices are determined net, currency: EURO, ex factory, excluding costs for package, insurance. Our prices are without obligation. The prices invoiced conform to the prices valid as per delivery day.
    • 4.3.Minimum of the order value: 150.– EURO, excl. VAT
    • 4.4.Payment conditions: 10 days net, discount shall be debited afterwards.
    • 4.5.Orders of greater volume, special products or development efforts: 1/3 payable on receipt of the acknowledgement of order (target dates starting with the receipt of payment); 1/3 payable after the products having been finished or having been ready for dispatch, but before delivering of the shipment; 1/3 within 10 days after readiness for dispatch.
    • 4.6.If the invoice price for standard part is less than 500.– EURO: cash on delivery or advance payment only.
    • 4.7.If the invoice price for standard parts is more than 500.- EURO and for all special products : advance payment or irrevocable letter of credit (in EURO) or according to separate agreement.
    • 4.8.Retention of title: the property in goods belongs to our company until the purchase price has been fully paid.
  • 5.Frame contracts
    • 5.1.The take over of the goods shall be conducted continuously within the due date. In the case of discrepancy JAKO may create delivery schedule without prior consultations. If it can be foreseen that, that the receipt of goods will not be realised because of commercial reason or problems of other kind the Customer must inform JAKO immediately. Then a written agreement concerning the conditions and reasons of the breakup or an arrangement concerning continuation under different circumstances must be signed. If our attempts were without success JAKO authorised to demand the completion of the contract, continuous acceptance of the shipments corresponding to the delivery terms and advance payment. Further JAKO is authorised to demand the completion of the frame contract before the expiration of this frame contract JAKO expressively declares his claim for damages and further serves his property right.
  • 6.Packaging
    • 6.1.Packaging shall be invoiced and will not be taken back.
  • 7.Delivery items
    • 7.1.Standard goods: ex works, respective the order and order confirmation.
    • 7.2.Special products: being calculated and offered based on the Customer’s plans and instructions. Concerning the order confirmation we are entitled to deliver the ordered goods with an allowed variation of +/- 10 %.
    • 7.3.Partial shipments are allowed.
  • 8.Delivery time
    • 8.1.Only terms ensured in writing are binding. Those terms will be prolonged in cases mentioned below:
      • a.if the supplier does not get in time information needed for the performance or if the Customer modifies the data afterwards;
      • b.if the Customer could not fulfil his part of the work in time or if he is behind schedules with his contractual obligation, particularly with regard to neglect the payment conditions;
      • the case of circumstances and events being beyond the responsibility of the Supplier as natural disaster, mobilisation, war, riot and civil commotion, epidemic, accidents and disease, significant disruption in operation, working conflicts, delayed or incorrect supplies, and official sanctions.
    • 8.2.We try to stick to the delivery time. Possible overrun does not entitle the Customer to cancel the sales contract. We will not accept contract penalty or claim for damages because of breach of delivery date. We have got the possibility of establishing a security storage. The conditions of this establishment must be declared in writing.
  • 9.Shipment
    • 9.1.Unless otherwise agreed the shipment – depending on the weight - goes by post or as freight. The risk of transport is always on behalf of the Customer, also if freight prepaid was determined previously . Damages of packaging or missing parts must be reported to the shipping company before accepting the shipment.
  • 10.Replacing, return and withdraw of goods
    • 10.1.Standard goods: products delivered concerning the instructions of the Customer can be changed only after arrangement and being in crude state. In this case we pay back 70% of the invoiced amount.
    • 10.2.Special products: products made on special order cannot be cancelled. To every special product belongs a release of this product having been signed by the Customer. If this release is not signed by the Customer we deny any responsibility and all risk are on the side of the Customer concerning this product. Special arrangements expected.
  • 11.Return shipment
    • 11.1.All return shipment shall be submitted frank domicile, at the risk of the sender.
  • 12.Obejction
    • 12.1.Objections shall only be respected within 10 days after the incoming of the goods at the place of the recipient. These parts must be sent us for controlling. Costs for repairing the recipient had performed without our acceptance we do not assume.
  • 13.Material defects
    • 13.1.On the Customer’ written demand and only within warranty time we are recommitted to repair or replace all parts of our shipment which are detectably bad or useless because of wrong material, incorrect construction or faulty workmanship within shortest time. The parts having been replaced become our property and are to be sent to us frank domicile.
    • 13.2.We only wear those costs for faulty parts having been repaired at our work shops. Further Customer’s rights because of incorrect delivery, in particular compensation for damages or withdraw from the contract are impossible.
    • 13.3.The warranty period is 12 months, in the case of day and night using 6 months, starting with the readiness for shipment. For replaced parts the warranty period starts anew.
    • 13.4.Damages resulting from natural abrasion, incomplete maintenance, denying of operating instructions, wrong operating, strong use, use of improper operating and corrosion fluids.
    • 13.5.Warranty expires when the Customer or third parties without our written permission repair or modify the parts or shipment.
  • 14.Liability
    • 14.1.We commit ourselves to implement the deliveries according to the contract and to fulfil the warranty deed. Further liabilities compared to the Customer for any damage and for so called subsequent damage we do not assume.
  • 15.Place of fulfilment
    • 15.1.The place of fulfilment for the Customer and for us is Szekszárd –Hungary.
  • 16.Place of jurisdiction
    • 16.1.The place of jurisdiction is singularly the registered office of the company: Szekszárd – Hungary. But JAKO may also commence legal action at the place the registered office of the Customer.
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