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JAKO Fémárugyár Kft.
Damjanich u. 33-35
7100 Szekszárd - Hungary

Tel.: +36 (74) 528-390
Fax.: +36 (74) 528-393

Sites: JAKO I and II

Standorte Ungarn

JAKO I: Szekszárd

11-19-1998: JAKO Fémárugyár Kft. was established in Hungary, in Szekszárd District of Tolna. The plant manager is Mr. Robert Csipak. The core business field at the Szekszárd site is the production of turned parts and the assembly of components having been produce at this plant.

Precision parts
  • Turned parts
  • Milled parts
  • Grinded parts

  • Electric motors
  • Motor housing

JAKO II: Gerjen

04-01-2008: JAKO Fémárugyár Kft established the second site in Gerjen, District of Tolna. The plant manager ist Mr. Norbert Tajthy. The core business field at the Gerjen site is the assembling of lamps, instruments and other electronic devices.

  • Interior lamps
  • Indicator lamps
  • Interior controls
  • Brush cards
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